Thursday, February 12, 2015

Strikeout for SLOGSA

The local girls’ softball league is batting .000 when it comes to holiday floats. Mother Nature rained on the parade of the San Luis Obispo Girls Softball Association (SLOGSA), who had planned a hula themed float for the annual Christmas parade this weekend. The young athletes, ages 6 to 15, take it upon themselves to promote the sport due to its decreasing popularity in the area.

December 5th had finally come and Laguna Middle School was buzzing with excitement about the parade. Many people were concerned that the tradition would have to be postponed due to the unpleasant weather, but were relieved when the announcement was made at 1:00 pm, that the parade was to go on, despite the storm.

However, SLOGSA float organizers ultimately decided to pull the plug on the group’s float, in anticipation of bad weather and low turnout. “Our float required a flatbed truck with hay bales, which would have been a big mess in the rain,” said SLOGSA board member Jeri Marks. “We were also concerned about having our girls out there in the wet, cold weather.”

Several participants, in addition to the SLOGSA, canceled their floats. The parade did go on, with only light rain falling during the festivities.